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Dog Ear infection Prevention

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an important part of professional dog care. Some dogs need to have their ears cleaned more often than others. Dogs who often get ear infections benefit from having their ears cleaned more often.

Do you think your dog shakes its head too much?

Does your dog rub its ears with its paws on the rug, on the furniture, or on your leg?

When you scratch your dog’s ears, does it like it a little too much?

*All of these could be signs that you have an ear infection.

Your dog used to like it when you scratched its ears, but now it runs away when you reach for its ears.

*That is a sure sign that you have an ear infection.

Why is it an important thing?

Because of how the dog’s ear waterway is built, it is hard to get rid of things that get stuck deep inside the even channel without cleanings. If you don’t get rid of this material, it can cause irritation and ear infections.

Does every dog need to have its ears cleaned?

No. Even though it’s important to clean your dog’s ears when they need it, cleaning them too much can cause irritation in the ear canal, which can lead to infection. Some dogs with clean, strong ears might never need to have their ears cleaned.

Still, it is recommended that you clean your dog’s ears if you see discharge or smell something when you look in the ear. Your veterinarian can help you figure out how often you should clean your dog’s ears.

If your dog’s ears are red, swollen, and hurting, you should talk to your vet before cleaning them. Your dog might have an ear infection or a torn ear drum.

The best way to clean a dog’s ears is with natural coconut oil.

Here are two more signs that

Having a pet can help you live a healthier life and avoid this problem: You look in your dog’s ears and see what looks like dirt. You wonder what it has been up to. Your dog smells really bad, even after just getting a bath.

That probably isn’t dirt in the dog’s ears, unless it’s been playing in some very dirty places. It’s probably just a buildup of ear wax, and if that’s the case, it could also be why the dog smells like a secret.

Most of the time, a dog with a lot of smelly ear wax would have inflamed (infected) ceruminous glands in its ears. When these glands get sick, they make more ear wax than usual. The dog’s ears itch at first because they have too much earwax. That’s why it rubs its ears and looks happy when you scratch them.

Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit | Multi-Symptom Ear Relief

If you don’t notice the problem and take the dog to the vet, the wax buildup will get painful after a while. The dog won’t want you to touch its ears, and it may not want to do anything but lay around until the pain goes away.

This is a typical case of an outer ear infection, which are by far the most common kind of ear infection in dogs. Otitis externa is the medical term for an infection in the outer ear. I Just to make things more complicated, you should know that dogs with ear infections often get ear mites as well.


Your dog needs you to protect it from the pain of an ear infection, and here’s how: don’t wait for the signs of infection; check your dog’s ears at least once a week.

-Touch the skin on the inside of each ear, which is the side with the least hair. The skin should feel perfectly smooth. If it feels rough or grainy, you might already have an ear infection.

-Look into the ear. The ear canal should look normal, not red or swollen. Worst case, you’ll notice that your ear is dripping something yellow or dark, or maybe pus.

-Give the ear a sniff. You shouldn’t smell anything bad.

-Take your dog to a vet if you see any signs of an ear infection.

-Clean the dog’s ears if you see wax or dirt in them but the dog doesn’t seem to mind. Even if the dog’s ear looks clean and clear and you haven’t cleaned it in a week or so, you should still clean it.

Make sure you have everything you need to clean your dog’s ears.

Before you bring your dog over to clean their ears, make sure you have all of these things ready:

*Ear wipes or cotton balls. Don’t use cotton tips on your dog because they can hurt the ear canal.

*A gentle way to clean a dog’s ears is to use something that is made to break up wax and other debris and get rid of smells from a dog’s ears.

*Treats: Keep your pet’s favourite reward within arm’s reach, and:

If you don’t have another pair of hands, it will be hard for your dog to have his ears cleaned from the start. You might need another person to gently hold them up and say something encouraging.

Taking Care of Your Dog’s Ears

If you don’t clean your dog’s ears often, it may try to get away from you because it doesn’t know what you are doing and is afraid that whatever you are doing will hurt. Pet and talk softly to the dog to calm it down. Your tone of voice is always the key to how your dog will react. Once you start cleaning its ears regularly, it will get used to it and may even like the extra care.

-Get a solution to clean your pet’s ears that is made just for them. You can get it from a pet store or your vet.

-Use a cotton ball or cotton-tipped swab to put some ear wash solution on the inside of the dog’s ears. (Careful! Please don’t use a cotton ball or swab that is dripping wet. You don’t want to get anything into the ear canal.)

About now, your dog will want to shake its head to get the extra water out of its ears. That’s fine; let him or her do it.

-Soak a new cotton swab in more of the ear-wash solution and clean the inside of the ear, including the folds and other places where ear wax might build up.

Don’t try to clean deep inside the ear canal. That’s something only a vet should do. If you can see wax buildup deep in the ear, have your vet take care of it.


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