Meet with Australian Platypus


Here are 10 fascinating realities about the platypus, one of nature’s most surprising creatures.
1. A platypus features a body like an otter, a bill and webbed feet sort of a duck, and a tail sort of a beaver.
2. They live in Australia.
3. Platypuses are nighttime. They rest during the day and are dynamic around night time .
4. They go through as long as 12 hours every day chasing for food.
5. Another interesting fact is Platypuses cover their eyes, nose, and ears while swimming.

6. When ashore, their webbed feet withdraw to uncover hooks that help them walk.
7. Platypuses are 20 inches in length and weigh around 3 pounds.
8. Recently brought forth platypuses are the size of lima beans.
9. The platypus is one of just two kinds of egg-laying warm blooded creatures. The other is a sharp insect eating animal called an echidna.
10. The platypus is one of just three warm blooded creatures that produces toxin. The others are the lethargic loris and European mole.

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