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Surprising Facts About How Elephant

 Some elephant traits are similar to human ones in surprising ways.

We all know that elephants are the biggest and strongest animals on the planet. They have long ears that look like trumpets and big ears that look like fans. Children think that because elephants are so big, they are not afraid.

They will be surprised to find out that elephants stay away from crawling insects and branches that are full of insects. Even bees make them nervous. So, farmers in Africa raise bees so elephants won’t eat their crops.

There are many ways in which elephant behaviour is like human behaviour. They also deserve to be treated with respect as people, which doesn’t happen. Let’s read about them and figure out what makes them who they are.


People care about their wrinkles and do everything they can to keep them from getting more. Even though elephants have wrinkles from birth, their skincare systems are still similar. Both elephants and people are affected by the sun’s rays. Elephants can’t hide from the sun as people can. They like to use sand and mud, which are natural and work as a moisturiser, sunscreen, and bug repellent for their sensitive skin.

Speed ​​lovers

The elephants are going 30 km/h, which is 20 mph. Compared to the speed of your car, it is slow, but at 14,000 pounds, it has a lot of power. They don’t think of carelessness as drivers going too fast; instead, they picture a small creature crawling under the forest.

Strong ties to family

The herd follows the female elephant. The calves are raised by the whole herd. When they are 12 years old, male elephants leave the herd and start living on their own. Since the females don’t leave their mothers, the herd is made up of the females’ offspring. In the same way, you respect a woman’s power in a human, you should do the same for a female elephant.

It is kind and considerate.

With their tongues, elephants are gentle giants. Like people, they need physical contact, like being touched after a long day of work. When a baby elephant screams or cries, the other elephants touch it with their trunks and stroke it.

They are smart animals with complex feelings, compassion, feelings, and awareness of themselves. The herd also stands up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. The herd forms a circle around those who are sick, hurt, or old to protect them. They didn’t move until they heard it was safe.

He loved swimming.

Elephants like to be in the water as much as people do. Their size doesn’t get in the way of how they swim.

Elephants often use their trunks as snorkels when they swim. It’s good for them to play in the water because when they float, their muscles can relax.

Don’t forget

Elephants do not forget, and science backs this up. The older queen is getting better at telling who is a friend and who is an enemy. As a herdsman, it is his job to tell if someone coming up to his flock is a friend or an enemy. It lets the other elephants play and have babies without having to worry.


Elephants feel sad when a loved one dies just like people do. They put their heads on the head of the dead person and touched and stroked it. Even after a loved one had died years before, they stood still and were quiet for a few minutes. Their clear message!

Elephants eat, swim, run, care for, protect, and cry, just like people. Like us, elephants need help. Poachers and the trade in ivory are still going strong. Even though they have to follow rules and pay fines, big animals still need your help.


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